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MuffatPrague at FLY9 Hitchin

Yes yes y'all it's high fives and fist bumps to Marcia and all our our friends at Fly9 in Hitchin, now featuring our letters and oiseaux amongst their fantastic selection of contemporary & independent designer's works. And with Rob being a local boy we've got a lotta love for the Hitchin crew.    

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Peace, Love, Espresso aka Little Italy

Simon and Cathrine are an Anglo-Nordic caffeine loving partnership, serving the best coffee in the Chilterns. Bleary-eyed commuters and off-peak surfers are fuelled daily by their fantastic coffees and homemade sweet and savouries. If you're local - check out Little Italy in Haddenham on the weekend. It's an oasis of YUM. Little Italy hit their 10th birthday this summer and we gave them some MuffatPrague shaped love as thanks for keeping us deliciously buzzing over the past decade. Here's to another 10 you guys. Skål!    

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The Damned Oiseau

Hils' Dad - HG, was a bit of a character. Maker of violins, Shredded Wheat with warm milk and the most delicious jam sandwich a 5 year old could ever dream of, he also gave her the nickname of 'The Damned Oiseau'. When Rob saw the shape of our Oiseaux family unfold, he named his new design after his bird & HG's Damned Oiseau. And so the MuffatPrague Oiseau was born.  Here's a photo of HG and his Damned Oiseau in an accidentally co-ordinated autumnal palette. But then again it was the 70's. Even the dog was beige.  

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Window shopping .... FROM Thame

This wonderful shop in Thame, Oxfordshire supports local makers, artists and craftsfolk. We hooked up with them at Christmas 2014, when we unleashed the idea of MuffatPrague upon our unsuspecting relatives. Everyone got a letter. FROM wanted some too. As Geraldine, Katie, Diana and Miranda are such lovely people, we thought it would be rude not to ...    

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Owls are dope

The Junior Art dept here at MuffatPrague penned these Long-Eared Owls when he was a wee nipper. They have since become stitched twice over and the wee one's in double figures.  Love and thanks to Angus and Ollie for this one.    

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